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The Top 5 Crazy Ideas Elon Musk Wants to Implement

The Top 5 Crazy Ideas Elon Musk Wants to Implement

The Top 5 Crazy Ideas Elon Musk Wants to Implement

Elon Musk is the billionaire entrepreneur co-founder of PayPal, and the alleviation behind Robert Downey Jr’s depiction of Tony Stark in the Iron Man film ballot.

Musk is also CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and principal product mastermind of Tesla Motors, as well as the president of SolarCity.

All of this formerly makes Elon Musk enough darned cool, and clearly unique. Yet, Musk's vision and entrepreneurial energy have resulted in some truly out-there concepts that a less wealthy and influential guy would have committed to.

Then are five of Elon Musk’s craziest tech ideas, and how close we're to realise them.

1- Internet Satellites:

Musk aims to provide everyone with free and unrestricted internet access. How might he achieve this, you wonder? He means to do it by launching a line of satellites into space, of course.

Musk’s space transport company SpaceX is in the early stages of producing a number( as numerous as 700) of micro-satellites that can operate together in large conformations.

We’re talking high-volume, fairly low-cost units then. According to a WSJ report, each satellite will weigh 250 pounds( 113 kg), and will come in at a total cost of$ 1 billion.

Musk is reportedly working with WorldVu Satellites to get this veritably real design done.

A full advertisement is set for some time over the coming two to three months, according to the great man himself. It appears that removing the technology off the internet may be the best approach to make it available to everyone on the planet.

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2- Hyperloop:

Is Elon Musk’s plan to launch his own globe-gauging satellite internet network not crazy enough for you? maybe his plan to break his own commuting frustrations on the eastern seacoast of America will do the trick.

So, Musk constantly has to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles to watch his binary duties at Tesla and SpaceX independently. As anyone who commutes regularly will admit, it’s one of the most mind-deadening, unproductive corridors of the working day.

Rather than sit there with a grumpy look on his face like the rest of us, Musk’s proposed result, to quote Wired, is to “ load yourself into an enormous shotgun shell and shoot yourself 400 long hauls across the state at 800 mph. ”

The Hyperloop, as it’s been dubbed, would transport people in individual aluminum capsules through specially constructed overground tubes. These would act kind of like those vacuum tubes used to shuttle plutocrats around in certain institutions, but with significantly lower air pressure for egregious health and safety reasons.

What’s more, the Hyperloop could be fully tone-sustaining in power terms by sheeting the top of the vast tubes with solar panels.

The concept is currently at the white paper stage. Musk anticipates that the Hyperloop could bring as important as$ 10 billion to construct, and indeed if someone started on it the moment it could take as long as 10 times to construct. But the result would be a 400 afar trip that takes just 35 twinkles to complete.

Unexpectedly, this could be the least likely of Musk’s suggestions to come to pass.

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3- Electric Cars:

From a fully out-there idea that’s still some way out( if it ever happens) to one that seems impeccably stable and, indeed, ineluctable.

Still, back in 2006, Musk’s stated vision “ to help expedite the move from a mine- and- burn hydrocarbon frugality towards a solar electric frugality, ” sounded enough lofty – indeed naive.

Eight times on, it’s easy to forget what a profound impact Musk’s work with Tesla Motors( which he funded using his vast fortune) has had on the perception and each-round viability of the electric auto.

Launched in 2008, the Tesla Roadster was the first completely electric sports auto, and the first roadworthy each-electric vehicle to enter the periodical product in the US. It followed up with the satiny Model S( pictured), and now has plans to launch an affordable( just$,000) electric auto called the BlueStar sometime in the near future.

Musk’s stroke of genius then's in making Tesla a decoration, luxury brand. Tesla buses aren’t unattractive, impracticable prototypes, but majestic, desirable, and maybe most importantly practical vehicles.

Tied into this is Musk’s and Tesla’s work in erecting an adding network of charge stations around the US, and now in the UK and Europe as well. There are now 83 charging points across the European mainland.

By making his company’s electric buses both desirable and practical, Musk has taken a considerable step towards the vital mainstream acceptance of motorcars that do n’t consume our abating force of fossil energies. And lower than a decade agone, that was maybe the craziest idea of all.

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4- Affordable space travel:

Musk set up SpaceX in 2002 with a knob of the proceeds from his$1.5 billion trade of PayPal to eBay. SpaceX was to be a commodity rather unusual – a private space transport company.

SpaceX’s overriding thing is to dramatically lower the cost of space trips by a factor of 100. This would help kickstart the drooping space programs of NASA and other institutions, and would indeed start to make space trips possible for normal citizens.

This might sound fantastic, but SpaceX has formerly endured some success then. The company’s Falcon 1 rocket came as the first intimately funded, liquid-fuelled craft to enter Earth’s route in 2008. also, in 2010, the company came the first to launch, route, and recover a spacecraft.

maybe the crowning achievement from a marketable viewpoint came in 2012 when SpaceX came the first private company to flyweight to and dock its craft with the International Space Station. Of course, the Dragon capsule( pictured) used in this charge was discarded after the operation, and that’s the coming major chain Musk wants to overcome in his shot to lower the cost of space trips.

Just lately, NASA nominated SpaceX( along with Boeing) to be the first private company to shoot mortal weight up to the ISS, so effects are moving swiftly in Elon Musk’s shot to make space trip readily.

5- Colony on Mars:

Of course, making space trips affordable might be an ambitious thing, but it isn’t a particularly sexy bone. Nor does it sound ever crazy.

Elon Musk being Elon Musk, has a far grander, more caption-grabbing thing for his SpaceX company. Indeed, as Musk tells it, it’s the idea that innovated SpaceX. He wants to populate Mars.

The first stage in Musk’s ambitious plan was to set up a kind of hothouse on the red earth – to shoot life the farthest it’s ever been. Images of lush leafage growing on the red earth would, in Musk’s estimation, reignite humanity’s thirst for space trips, and restore backing to major institutions like NASA.

Musk long ago realized that the problem with such a plan would be the cost of transport( see over). That problem being on its way to resolution, he’s again been turning his attention to the idea of populating Mars.

Musk expects to be suitable to commence his company’s colonization sweats in the medial – 2030s, and to have a Mars colony over and running by 2040. Speaking to Aeon, he reasoned this way “ between now and 2040, the company’s lifetime will have tripled. However, as opposed to logarithmic, also we should have a significant base on Mars If we have a direct enhancement in technology. ”

This original batch of people will need to pay their own way to Mars, but at an estimated$,000, it may not be as precious as you might have anticipated.

Sounds crazy? Of course, it does. It’s Elon Musk we’re talking about then. But that also means that there’s at least a fairly decent chance of it( or a commodity like it) coming to pass.

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