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Elon Musk's biography, the man who is transforming the world

Elon Musk's biography, the man who is transforming the world

Elon Musk's biography

Elon Musk is the founder of PayPal and the CEO of Tesla Motors, Solar City, and SpaceX. Due to its achievements, it has grow to be a world icon and figure in which any young entrepreneur can be reflected.

Admired with the aid of many, a problem for many others. His creativity, passion for work, and wish to change the world are new airs in a society that advances technologically with overwhelming steps, but with a very marked delimitation.

His philosophy of existence is based on improving the three quintessential aspects, as he points out, that will help us in the future to develop as a society: the internet, renewable energy, and space.

Here is an extensive biography of this peculiar visionary so you can recognize a little more about his interesting and complicated life.

Children and youth of Elon Musk:

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Elon Reeve Musk was born in 1971 into a rich family with a father engineer, and a mother-and-model nutritionist.

Musk acquired its first Commodore VIC-20 laptop in only ten years. With it he learned to application in a self-taught way and sold only two years later a space-type sport for $ 500.

By then, his hobbies were, in addition to computers, comics, and role-playing - has already made public on several activities his fondness for Dungeons and Dragons -.

Lover of theories and reflections of Nietzsche Y Schopenhauer, At the age of fifteen Musk, suffered a vital crisis that led him to critically rethink what he wanted in his life.

 At the age of seventeen, he "escaped" to not  serve in the South African army, of which he said: "I have nothing to do to serve in the army, but serve in the South African navy to repress black people did not appear like a good way to spend my time".

Training and first years as a professional:

His parents divorced and had to migrate with his mom to Canada in June of 1989. Musk wanted to go to University, and at last fulfilled one of his largest dreams: to reside in the United States. In 1992 he received a scholarship to learn about at the University of Pennsylvania to pursue a career and graduate in Business Administration. One year later, he will be doing physics

One of his instructors was the director of Pinnacle Research, an electric automobile company in Silicon Valley. Musk would work a whole summer time for himself and his company.

In 1995, Musk was a Ph.D.  Applied physics and materials science candidate at Stanford University It only lasted two days.

The reason? Together with his brother Kimbal Musk and his buddy Greg Curry, they would found a new company with Musk as the major head and executive director.

Consecration and companies:


Zip2 would focus on web hosting and website development for media companies. In 1999 the success was once latent, managing a total of 200 webs, something that took to him to promote by 300 million dollars to AltaVista, a subsidiary of Compaq Computer that identical year.


The next step would be, a company that was once dedicated to controlling financial offerings and payments through the community in simple steps. Its merger with Confinity - a company that permits the transfer of money between Palm Pilot gadgets - would give rise to the recognised Paypal Inc.

In just 5 weeks, Paypal had more than 100,000 customers, some thing that led to competition like Visa or Ebay taking legal motion to close Paypal. This was no longer so and Ebay would buy Musk's new company for $ 1.5 billion by means of the end of 2002.


The young entrepreneur's next step will be to conquer the  spacecraft. His idea was to ship a rocket to Mars so it could be built as reusable and the place the cost of fuel was once between 0.2% and 0.5% of the cost of the rocket.

In this way, the same 12 months as leaving Paypal, Musk would create SpaceX, Where it would construct shuttles and a spaceship of low cost and excessive reliability.

The highlight of the company got here in 2008 when it signed a $ 1.6 billion contract with NASA to make 12 flights with its own rockets and the Dragon  to the National Space Station. with the role of freight transport.

A few weeks earlier, his rocket would miss its 1/3 launch. As it turns out, he managed to solve the problem to in the end achieve success in his fourth release.

To this day, Musk is focusing all his work to achieve two objectives, now not forgetting the construction and design of rockets and spacecraft:

The first is to be capable to make trips manned by the house accessible to any type of person.

The 2d place sends earthlings to Mars, something that appears to be the most ambitious of the objectives that have been proposed.

Tesla Motors:

On a go to from Elon Musk to the company AC, he discovered that they have been working on a prototype electric car that was once capable of getting from 0 to one hundred km in just four seconds. Musk, entranced by means of the product, proposed the possibility of contributing to greater commercialization.

However, to Musk's disappointment, the enterprise did not want to undertake this and solely set more exclusive and not-so-commercial possibilities.

Over time, AC modified his mind and proposed marketing to engineers and entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard And Marc Tarpenning, founding Tesla Motors.

Musk, warned via the change of strategy, decided to make investments in 2003 an important amount of money, contributing to 98% of the financing and with it turning into CEO.

During the following years, they patented the Tesla Roadster, The first car to use lithium ions with an autonomy of 322 kilometers per load. His price used to be about $ 110,000.
With this prototype came 2008, one of the worst years for Musk, when Tesla almost went bankrupt, some thing that forced him to fire a giant number of employees.

The following models would be the Roadster Sport with a charge of 128,000 dollars and the Tesla Model S, Of about 100,000 dollars. These went on sale in 2009 and 2012 respectively and brought as enhancements a shorter acceleration time along with an optimization of the battery life.

In this way, the year of departure of the Tesla Model S offered 2,100 electric sports automobiles for the price of 100,000 euros each. It was a two-seater.

In June of that equal year, they began to develop any other new model. This time with five seats plus two child seats which presently produce 2000 units a year.

In September 2015 the sale of the Tesla Model X, An electric all-terrain that served as a bridge for a new era of cars where the Tesla Model 3, With a fee that is around $ 35,000. With this, autonomous riding will be one of its priorities over the next ten years.

Likewise, Elon Musk presented in 2015, collectively with Tesla Motors Powerwall and Powerpack, two energy storage systems derived from the technology of renewable energy that is powered by lithium-ion batteries. Its characteristic is to work in the style of solar and wind strength installations.


Co-founder of his cousin Lyndon Rive, Elon Musk chairs the board of directors of SolarCity To and is the main investor of the company.

The feature of the company is to create photovoltaic products and supply related services.

In 2011 it became the range one company in the United States to provide photo voltaic energy systems in order to be capable to make the most of this little-used energy.

Halcyon Molecular

In 2010, Musk invested $ 20.5 million in Halcyon Molecular, a biotechnology company that seeks to improve people's lives and enhance average life expectancy.

Musk is on the board of administrators along with the colleagues he founded in his day PayPal.

Present and future ideas

At the quit of July 2016, Elon Musk published on the Tesla Motors blog an entry titled" Master plan, section two "(Link to English version), where he reflected on what has been, is, and will be his employer until 2026.

On the one hand, he assumed that the first ten years have passed and that now we have to go for the next decade.

On the other hand, he talked about the automotive and photo voltaic future: he will look for the creation of vehicles and vans for domestic use, constantly electric with a built-in sunroof, as well as self reliant and efficient driving.

As for SpaceX, he said that colonizing Mars is the final goal and that sooner or later will get to the crimson planet.

In addition, Elon Musk is working on Hyperloop, a project aimed at creating a new and fresh public transport system. It consists of the route of some capsules, thru tubes of air under pressure, in which passengers or merchandise could go.

The novelty and advantage would be that the capsules could tour 600 kilometers (journey between Los Angeles and San Francisco) in just 30 minutes. If this project is profitable and successful, Musk says it would drastically improve the ability of transport as we know it today.

Although yes, everything is now not rosy for the bargain magnate.  In the first quarter of 2016, it lost $282.2 million.

Currently, the fortune of the standard businessman is valued at 2,000 million dollars, and is said to work 100 hours a week.

Donations and recognition

Musk presently chairs the Musk Foundation, where he focuses his activity on education, kid's health, and the creation of clean energy.

In 2010 it would create a software to donate solar energy structures to people who need them most. That equal year also donated $ 10 million to the Future of Life Institute, a application that focuses on maintaining Artificial Intelligence"beneficial" for the human race.

In addition, without going any further, his philanthropy stays latent as he seeks the colonization of the planet Mars. She wants to secure the future of humanity. 

Now, amongst his acknowledgments, we should point out the most important, due to the fact it is impossible to put all:

He was blanketed in Forbes magazine among the 20 most effective CEOs in the United States. Esquire named him among the 75 most influential human beings of the 21st century and has received the Index Design Award, Aviation Week, and many extra awards.

He also received an honorary doctorate in aerospace engineering from the University of Surrey (UK) and the Art Center School of Design.

Anecdotes and curiosities

At solely 6 years traveled on foot at 15 kilometers to go to the birthday party of his cousin. He lived on the other facet of the city and his mother did now not want to take him, since he had been punished. It took 4 hours to arrive and when he saw his mother climb a tree and now not down in hours.

Obsessed with changing the world, Musk thinks that holidays"are bad for health. If you choose to change the world you can not take time off or go to see your new child son.

While on vacation in South Africa in 2002, Elon Musk contracted malaria. This sickness almost cost him his life. So possibly you think that holidays are now not good for your health.

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