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Jeff Bezos Net Worth - Jeff Bezos net worth history

Jeff Bezos Net Worth - Jeff Bezos net worth history

Jeff Bezos Net Worth - Jeff Bezos net worth history
Jeff Bezos Net Worth - Jeff Bezos net worth history

If you are looking for a Jeff Bezos Net Worth - Jeff Bezos net worth history article then you are in right place.

Jeff Bezos is a $127 billion American philanthropist, businessman, and real estate developer. As the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos amassed a fortune. Jeff Bezos is the former CEO and contemporary president and chairman of the board of Amazon. He first surpassed Bill Gates in phrases of wealth in July 2017. He was once the richest man or woman in the world barring interruption between October 2017 and January 2021.

According to the company's most current SEC filing, Jeff owns fifty-five million shares of Amazon, roughly 12% of the complete shares outstanding. At his top he owned eighty million shares of Amazon. As the phase of his April 2019 divorce contract with MacKenzie Bezos, Jeff transferred 19.7 million shares to his ex-wife. The price of the shares at the time of the switch was once $36 billion. The contract briefly decreased Jeff Bezos Net Worth from $150 billion to $114 billion. Jeff was once additionally an early pre-IPO investor in and owns at least $1 billion shares in what is now regarded as Alphabet Inc.

For plenty of the 2000s, Jeff was once no longer even in the pinnacle 10 or pinnacle 20 of the wealthiest human beings on the planet. Amazon's inventory started to skyrocket in late 2014. In July 2015, Jeff's internet really worth used to be $50 billion. In below two years, his internet well worth (and the stock) had doubled. Bezos surpassed Bill Gates as the world's richest person on July 27, 2017. In September 2018, Amazon's market capitalization surpassed $1 trillion. This was once prior to his divorce so he nevertheless owned eighty million shares. At that valuation, Jeff's internet well-worth topped a then-all-time excessive of $170 billion.

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Was Jeff Bezos ever the wealthiest person in history?

When evaluating Jeff's height internet well worth of $200 billion to our listing of the richest human beings of all time after adjusting for inflation, Jeff is no longer even in the pinnacle 10. Using the $200 billion number, that would be the eleventh greatest fortune ever amassed by way of a single human (counting inflation). For comparison, when oil wealthy person John D. When Rockefeller died, he was worth $340 billion after inflation.

Could Jeff Bezos Become a Trillionaire?

Anything is possible! But it looks like an extraordinarily lofty aim if he is simply relying on his Amazon shares to get trillionaire status. Jeff is worth $120 billion (on paper) for every $1 trillion market cap milestone as the owner of 12% of Amazon's stock. So, in other words, for Jeff to turn out to be a billionaire based totally solely on his Amazon shares, the company's market cap would want to pinnacle $8.3 trillion.

Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 12, 1964. His mom was once a 17 12 month ancient excessive faculty pupil when she gave beginning to Jeff. His father owned a bike shop. His mom ultimately divorced Jeff's beginning father. When he used to be four she married a Cuban immigrant named Miguel Bezos. Miguel adopted Jeff soon after the wedding, and his surname was legally changed from Jorgenson to Bezos. The household moved to Houston the place Mike obtained a job as an engineer for Exxon. They had been additionally nearer to his mother's mother and father who had a cattle ranch south of San Antonio. His maternal grandmother Mattie Louise Gise used to be first cousins to united states singer George Strait.

While developing up in Texas, Bezos used his parents' storage as a laboratory for his science projects. He would additionally spend summers working at his grandparent's ranch. Jeff would later declare to have realized his work ethic at some stage in his summers at the ranch. He would additionally later buy the ranch and make bigger it from 25,000 to 300,000 acres.

The household moved to Miami, around the time Jeff used to be coming into excessive school. While in excessive school, Jeff labored as a quick-order cook dinner at McDonald's. He was once an excessive faculty valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar. In his valedictorian speech, he noted a dream that humans of the earth would ultimately colonize space.

He attended Princeton University with a design to find out about physics, however, his love of computer systems shifted his studies. He eventually graduated with a 4.2 GPA and Phi Beta Kappa. He earned a Bachelor of Science diploma in laptop science and electrical engineering.

Upon graduating from college, Jeff went to work for an economic science company referred to as Fitel. He then transitioned to the banking enterprise when he landed a product administration job at Bankers Trust. In 1990 he was once employed as an economic analyst for D. E. Shaw & Co., a hedge fund that had lately been launched with the thinking that mathematical modeling ought to predict huge market gains.

Jeff labored at D.E. Shaw till 1994, by way of which factor he had risen to the company's fourth senior vice president. He was once 30 years old.

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Jeff Bezos Early Life
Jeff Bezos Early Life


A 12 months earlier, Jeff grew to become interested in the nascent world large web. He desired to promote something online and he landed on promoting books. Bezos created Amazon's commercial enterprise graph in the course of past united states of america pressure from New York to Seattle. He formally based the organization in 1994, placing up the authentic enterprise in his garage.

Other Accomplishments

In 2008, Bezos acquired an honorary doctorate in Science and Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, and in 1999 Bezos used to be named Time magazine's Person of the Year. In 2000, Bezos based Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup company, in part as an end result of his fascination with area travel. Blue Origin consists of an early pastime in growing house hotels, entertainment parks, colonies, and small cities for two million or three million humans orbiting the Earth. The organization was once saved secret for a few years till it grew to become publicly recognized in 2006 after buying an enormous aggregation of land in west Texas for a launch and take-a-look-at facility. In 2013, Bezos used to be discussing business spaceflight possibilities and techniques with Richard Branson, multibillionaire founder of Virgin Group – for the duration of that yr he additionally bought The Washington Post.

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Real Estate And Assets

In 2007 Jeff and MacKenzie paid $24.5 million for a mansion on two top acres in Beverly Hills, California. In 2018 they paid $12.9 million for the domestic subsequent door. MacKenzie acquired this now-combined two-home property as a phase of their 2019 divorce settlement. In August 2022 MacKenzie introduced that she had donated the homes to a charity referred to as the California Community Foundation. At the time of the donation the blended compound used to be well worth an estimated $55 million.

On February 12, 2020, it used to be printed that Jeff had paid $255 million for two homes in Beverly Hills. The first property, regarded as the Jack L. Warner estate, value $165 million. The property covers 10 lush acres in the coronary heart of Beverly Hills and elements a 13,600 square-foot primary house. The vendor used to be a leisurely wealthy person David Geffen who offered the property in 1990 for $47.5 million.

The 2d property Bezos was once said to have offered in February 2020 was once a 120-acre vacant hilltop known as Enchanted Hill. The vendor used to be the property of late Microsoft founder Paul Allen, who bought the land in 1997 for $20 million. Though usually overrun with weeds, the property does have a 1.5-mile driveway and manicured bluff at its peak. A month after the buy was once reported, the deal honestly fell through. So Jeff's complete February 2020 actual property spree was once the $165 million Jack L. Warner estate.

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Jeff Bezos Net Worth
Jeff Bezos Net Worth

Other actual property assets:

  • $23 million mansion in Washington D.C., received in 2018. A former museum comprised of two structures that measure 27,000 rectangular toes of residing space
  • 300,000 acres in Texas together with a couple of ranches
  • 100,000 extra acres in a number of components of the country
  • Three gadgets in 25 Central Park West in Manhattan
  • $10 million 5-acre property in Medina, Washington, obtained in 1999
  • $50 million mansion subsequent door to his property in Medina, received in 2005

Jeff Bezos Net Worth History

In the 20 years on account that Amazon went public, Bezos has offered at least $70 billion really worth of his shares. He sells roughly $1 billion really worth of shares each yr as a section of a deliberate inventory sale arrangement.

The day Amazon went public, Amazon's market cap used to be $300 million. Jeff owned 40% of the business enterprise at the time, giving him an internet well worth of $120 million (on paper, pre-tax). Within a yr, he was once well worth $1 billion. At the top of the dot-com bubble, Jeff's internet well-worth topped $10 billion. After the bubble burst, Amazon's inventory fee sank to an all-time low of $5 per share in October of 2001. At that point, Jeff's internet really worth sank to $1-2 billion.

If you had been clever sufficient to take $10,000 and purchase shares of Amazon in October of 2001, nowadays you would have greater than $15 million earlier than counting any dividends.

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Jeff Bezos Net Worth Milestones

  • May 1997 – $120 million on the company's IPO date.
  • June 1998 – $1 billion for the first time
  • June 1999 – $10 billion
  • July 2015 – $50 billion
  • January 2018 – $100 billion
  • July 2018 – $150 billion
  • September 2018 – $170 billion

January 2019 – Jeff broadcasts he is divorcing his spouse of 25 years, MacKenzie. Clearly, the result of this divorce will have a tremendous impact on Jeff's $150 billion internet worth.

April 4, 2019 – Jeff and MacKenzie introduced that they had reached an amicable decision of their divorce the place she will be given $36 billion really worth of Amazon stock. Jeff will preserve 75% of his former stake and will have balloting manage over MacKenzie's shares. She will now not have any possession in The Washington Post or Jeff's area business enterprise Blue Origin. It's doubtful how the couple determined to cut up their number of residences and jets. Jeff's internet really worth without delay following the announcement grew to become $114 billion.

  • March 9, 2020 – $111 billion
  • July 1, 2020 – $172 billion
  • July 9, 2020 – $190 billion
  • August 26, 2020 – $202 billion
  • December 2022 – $117 billion
  • January 2023 – $107 billion

If you are preserving track, it took Jeff simply three years to emerge as a billionaire after launching in 1995. It took him 20 years to make $50 billion, however then solely 2.5 years to make his 2nd $50 billion, for a complete $100 billion. And then it solely took 7 months to make his 0.33 $50 billion, for a whole of $150 billion. And then he misplaced $36 billion the on-the-spot with the stroke of a pen.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth Over Time

  • June 1997 $150 million
  • June 1998 $1 billion
  • June 1999 $10 billion
  • March 2000 $6 billion
  • December 2000 $2 billion
  • September 2001 $1.5 billion
  • September 2003 $2.5 billion
  • September 2004 $5.1 billion
  • September 2005 $4.1 billion
  • September 2006 $4.3 billion
  • September 2007 $8.7 billion
  • September 2008 $8.2 billion
  • September 2009 $6.8 billion
  • September 2010 $12.6 billion
  • September 2011 $18 billion
  • December 2012 $23.2 billion
  • October 2013 $29 billion
  • December 2014 $30.5 billion
  • July 2015 $50 billion
  • October 2016 $45 billion
  • December 2017 $73 billion
  • July 2018 $150 billion
  • September 2018 $170 billion
  • April 2019 $114 billion
  • July 2020 $190 billion
  • July 2021 $213 billion
  • November 2022 $117 billion
Jeff Bezos History


Q: What is Jeff Bezos' internet well worth in 2023?

A: As of March 2023, Jeff Bezos' internet really worth is estimated to be around $187 billion in accordance with Forbes' Real-Time Billionaires list.

Q: How did Jeff Bezos emerge as so wealthy?

A: Jeff Bezos centered in 1994 and grew it into the world's biggest online retailer. He additionally owns a number of different companies, consisting of Blue Origin, The Washington Post, and Whole Foods Market. Bezos' internet is really worth skyrocketing due to his stake in Amazon, which has been considered a large increase in current years.

Q: What is the breakdown of Jeff Bezos' internet worth?

A: The widespread majority of Jeff Bezos' internet really worth comes from his Amazon stock, which presently makes up over 90% of his internet worth. He additionally has vast investments in Blue Origin and different companies.

Q: Has Jeff Bezos' internet well-worth continually been this high?

A: No, Jeff Bezos' internet well worth has fluctuated over the years based totally on the overall performance of Amazon's stock. In 1998, his internet well worth was once estimated to be around $1.6 billion, whilst, in 2018, it reached a height of over $150 billion.

Q: How has Jeff Bezos' internet well worth been impacted by means of the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Jeff Bezos' internet well worth elevated appreciably at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Amazon's inventory rate surged due to extended demand for online shopping. His internet really worth rose by means of over $70 billion in 2020 alone.

Q: What philanthropic efforts has Jeff Bezos undertaken with his internet worth?

A: In 2018, Jeff Bezos introduced the introduction of the Bezos Day One Fund, a $2 billion philanthropic initiative targeted at funding corporations that assist homeless households and developing a community of preschools in low-income communities. He has additionally donated sizeable sums to quite a number of different motives and organizations.

Q: Will Jeff Bezos' internet well-worth proceeding to amplify in the future?

A: It's not possible to predict the future of Jeff Bezos' internet worth, as it is mostly tied to the overall performance of Amazon's stock. However, his internet well worth has proven to have a massive boom in latest years and Amazon continues to make bigger into new markets and industries.

Q: Has Jeff Bezos ever bought any of his Amazon stock?

A: Jeff Bezos has bought some of his Amazon inventory over the years, mainly to fund his different ventures such as Blue Origin. However, he nonetheless holds a giant stake in the company.

Q: What effect has Jeff Bezos' internet really worth had on profit inequality?

A: Jeff Bezos' big internet really worth has been criticized by means of some as contributing to earnings inequality. However, it is necessary to notice that his wealth is generally tied to his possession stake in Amazon, which has created jobs and furnished low-priced merchandise to hundreds of thousands of humans around the world.

Q: What are some conceivable future trends that should influence Jeff Bezos' internet worth?

A: The future of Jeff Bezos' internet well worth is mostly tied to the overall performance of Amazon and its more than a few subsidiaries. Factors that ought to influence his internet really worth encompass adjustments in Amazon's market share, new product offerings, and fluctuations in the inventory market. Additionally, the success of Blue Origin should additionally affect Bezos' internet really worth in the future.

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