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Facebook has 3 billion users. Many of them are old

Facebook has 3 billion users. Many of them are old

Facebook has 3 billion users. Many of them are old

As per Facebook, it is still alive. Facebook also wants you to know that it's not just for "old people," as many young people have claimed for years.

Now that TikTok, its largest enemy, is under more government inspection due to rising tensions between the U.S. Facebook could be able to position itself as a fierce local rival in countries like India and China.

Teenagers like Devin Walsh have grown up and moved on, which is the only problem.

Even now, I can't remember when I last logged in. According to Walsh, 24, a Manhattan resident and public relations specialist, that must have been a very long time ago.

Instead, she makes five or six daily trips to Instagram, a website that is also owned by Facebook parent company Meta. Of course, there is also TikTok, where she scrolls for about an hour every day while letting the algorithm find things. "I didn't even realize I was interested in that."

Walsh is unable to picture a scenario in which her use of Facebook, which she joined when she was in sixth grade, returns on a daily basis.

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The branding, correct? Walsh used the Gen Z phrase for things that are absolutely not acceptable when he said, "When I think of Facebook, I think ugh, like cheugy, older people, include parents sharing photos of their children on social media, sporadic status updates, and political arguments.

The social networking site, which was first developed before the iPhone, has been around for about 20 years. Even if Facebook has gradually lost some of its prominence, for those who were born around the time Mark Zuckerberg launched in his Harvard dorm room in 2004, it has become an inextricable aspect of life.

Facebook is up against a peculiar problem. 3 billion individuals now check it each month. More than one-third of the world's population is represented by that. Additionally, 2 billion users log in daily. It is still fighting for relevance and its future twenty years later.

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For younger generations—those who joined in middle school or those who are now in middle school—it is unquestionably not the place to be. Facebook, which is still the main source of revenue for parent company Meta, would be at risk of becoming boring and only functional, like email, without this crucial group.

This wasn't always the case. For more than ten years, Facebook was the place to be, a cultural touchstone, the subject of a Hollywood movie, and a topic that was constantly discussed in conversations and on late-night television. MySpace, a rival that had only recently launched, quickly lost appeal as young people flocked to Facebook. MySpace's condition didn't get much better when stodgy old News Corp. bought it in 2005.

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Everyone didn't understand how the technology worked, but in order to have a MySpace, we all had to learn how to code. It was quite tense. Said Moira Gaynor, age 28. Maybe that's why Facebook became so popular. Since we had been fighting with MySpace for so long, it was this gorgeous, integrated, great interaction area that we really desired compared to MySpace.

Asserting his visionary credentials, Zuckerberg resisted the temptation to sell Facebook and led his organization through the mobile revolution. As Facebook rose, apparently unstoppable despite controversies over user privacy and a failure to appropriately handle hate speech and disinformation, some rivals appeared (remember Orkut?). However, they typically fizzled out. In 2015, it attracted one billion users per day.

Although the number of younger users on the site has been declining, Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at Insider Intelligence who has been following Facebook since its inception, doesn't see Facebook disappearing any time soon.

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"I think that Mark's work from his undergraduate years is a testament to the issues we are discussing now that Facebook is 20 years old. It's very amazing," she said. It continues to be a very effective platform globally.

An email address is now little more than a punchline in a joke about technologically ignorant folks of a particular age. AOL previously had a sizable user base, but that user base has aged.

Tom Alison, the CEO of Facebook (Zuckerberg's title is now Meta CEO), expressed optimism about the platform's recruitment tactics in an interview with The Associated Press.

"We used to have a team at Facebook that was specifically focused on the younger cohorts, or maybe there were one or two projects that were dedicated to coming up with new ideas," Alison explained. And around two years ago, we responded, "No, we need to change, evolve, and adapt our entire product line to meet the needs of young adults." This time is described by him as one of "social discovery."

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It is greatly impacted by our assumptions about what the next generation wants from social media. We want Facebook to be the site where you can connect with the people you know, the people you want to know, and the people that you should know, Alison remarked in a straightforward manner.

In this strategy, artificial intelligence is crucial. Facebook aims to utilize its potent technology to reclaim the hearts and eyes of young adults, just like TikTok uses its AI and algorithm to offer people movies they didn't know they wanted to view. Reels, the TikTok-like videos that users of Facebook and Instagram are inundated with when they sign into those two applications, are also crucial. And private texting, of course.

We're starting to reintegrate chat tools into the app because we've noticed that more users want to exchange reels and debate reels. says Alison once again allow Facebook to be a place where you can share and discuss those with people in addition to discovering great things that are relevant to you on the site.

Facebook regularly declines to provide user demographic information, which may provide insight into how well-liked it is among adolescent users. However, independent researchers report a drop in their population. The same is true for young people, but Facebook appears to have stopped aggressively seeking out young people due to worries about the negative impact of social media on their mental health.

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"Young people frequently influence the direction of communication. Facebook basically became popular because young people were drawn to it, after all. And we observe it with pretty much every social media network that has emerged since Facebook, according to Williamson. According to Insider, about half of TikTok users this year are between the ages of 12 and 24.

Despite the fact that Insider's projections only go as far as 2026, Williamson does not believe that this trend will reverse. Although it is sluggish, there is a decrease. In comparison to roughly 46% for TikTok and 42% for Instagram, the research company anticipates that 28% of Facebook users in the United States will be between the ages of 18 and 34 in that year. For adolescents aged 12 to 17, the statistics are more ominous.

The greatest thing they could do, in my opinion, is to stop being a social platform. As if they lost that. Gaynor, a federal employee from San Diego, California, remarked, "But hey, if they want to become the new Yellow Pages, why not? "I adore Marketplace. The majority of my furniture was purchased when I just relocated.

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