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NBCUniversal Executive Appointed as Twitter's New CEO: A Deeply Connected Leader in the Advertising Industry

NBCUniversal Executive Appointed as Twitter's New CEO: A Deeply Connected Leader in the Advertising Industry

NBCUniversal Executive Appointed as Twitter's New CEO

Linda Yaccarino, a controller with close links to the advertisement sector who works for NBCUniversal, has been named the next CEO of Twitter, according to Elon Musk.

I'm glad to welcome Linda Yaccarino as Twitter's new CEO. Musk stated in a tweet on Friday. Yaccarino, he continued, "will focus primarily on business missions," while Musk would continue to be directly interested in product development and cutting-edge technologies.

Prior to that exposure, NBCUniversal stated on Friday that Yaccarino will resign her position as chairperson for global partnerships and advertising immediately.

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Musk, who captured Twitter last autumn and has since been running it, had long vowed to leave his position as chief managerial of the business, now known as X Corp.

Few anticipate Musk to step down from Twitter's decision-making, though.

"While he may be relinquishing the CEO title, Musk is unlikely to relinquish control of the product," says Forrester Research research director Mike Proulx.

Yaccarino, who has strong ties to the advertising sector, may be crucial to Twitter's future.

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Musk and Twitter must entice advertisers after a large number left Twitter in the early months of his takeover, fearing damage to their brands in the consequent tumult. Musk stated that advertising resumed in late April, but he provided no other details.

Yaccarino successfully combined and digitalized ad sales at Comcast and NBC, according to Mark DiMassimo, founder and creative chief of ad agency DiGo, and her track record of cross-selling ads across different platforms may prayer to Musk as he tries to turn Twitter from a social media company into a larger media platform.

In her nearly 12-year tenure with NBCUniversal, Yaccarino's team is credited for generating more than $100 billion in advertising sales since 2011.

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Yaccarino formerly held the positions of president of cable entertainment and digital advertising sales as well as chair for advertising and client relationships at NBC, according to LinkedIn. Yaccarino spent over two decades working for Turner, a major worldwide entertainment firm, before joining NBC.

Last month, Yaccarino had a conversation with Musk in front of a sizable gathering of people on a stage in Miami.

Before Musk's confirmation, DiMassimo stated on Friday, "If anyone can translate the Musk vision into improvement for marketers she'll be able to do it." Even if there is skepticism and many marketers are in a "show me" mode when it comes to Twitter right now, if she did go there, it would be a very comforting step.

The incoming CEO of Twitter will have other challenges as well, according to Proulx, as Musk has "fundamentally altered" Twitter's community and product, maybe "for the worse."

Twitter's leadership under Musk has been unstable. He fired the company's senior executives on his first day, then almost 80% of its employees, finally Twitter with considerably fewer engineers to make sure the site is operating to help eradicate hate speech, animal abuse, and graphic violence, and much fewer content moderators.

He has altered the platform's vetting process and reduced measures to avert the spread of false information. Some of these changes, according to experts, together with Musk's own propensity for disseminating false information and interacting with well-known conspiracy theorists and far-right groups, have turned off many advertisers on the site.

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Stabilizing Twitter and making sure that important product choices are made slowly and methodically rather than, as Musk has betimes been known to do, on the spur of the moment, inspired by a fan's tweet or a fleeting notion, are necessary for recapturing advertisers' trust. Yaccarino is a marketer's leader with important advertising knowledge, according to sources in the firm, but if she is to succeed on the commercial side, she will need Musk's support on the product side.

Users have become divided as a result of Musk's policy changes, and some have even abandoned the site. On Friday, there was more of it, but it came from some of Musk's loudest admirers.

Some emphasized Yaccarino's affiliation with The World Economic Forum, a group that Musk has previously attacked, and said that this would indicate a departing from Musk's "2.0 values" for Twitter. Musk reiterated his stance on Thursday, saying that the platform's "commitment to open source transparency and accepting a wide range of viewpoints remains unchanged."

The political views of Yaccarino have also been questioned by others. Yaccarino was given a two-year term on Donald Trump's Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition in 2018. She collaborated with the Biden White House to develop a coronavirus vaccine campaign that was seen by more than 200 million Americans while she served as Ad Council head in 2021 and 2022.

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Musk was questioned in court in November about how he divides his time between Tesla and his other firms, including SpaceX and Twitter. Musk was called to the stand as a witness in the Delaware Court of Chancery trial over a shareholder's objection to his alleged $55 billion salary package as CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer.

Musk said that he never planned to lead Tesla and that he also didn't want to lead any other businesses, choosing to think of himself as an engineer. At the time, Musk said that Twitter's organizational reorganization will be finished in approximately a week. He mentioned it about six months ago now.

Musk joked about the possibilities for a new CEO on Twitter late last year, saying the creature "must like pain a lot" to lead a business that "has been in the fast lane to bankruptcy."

The position that may truly keep Twitter alive has attracted little interest. No replacement exists, Musk wrote on Twitter at the time.

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