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Ricardo Salinas Pliego Net Worth 2023 || Ricardo Salinas Pliego Wealth

Ricardo Salinas Pliego Net Worth 2023 || Ricardo Salinas Pliego Wealth

Ricardo Salinas Pliego Net Worth 2023

What is Ricardo Salinas Pliego's net worth?

A businessman from Mexico named Ricardo Salina Pliego has a $13.3 billion fortune. He now ranks among Mexico's wealthiest individuals as a result. He has occasionally trailed Carlos Slim Helu in terms of wealth in Mexico. The creator of the media, retail, banking, and telecommunications giant Grupo Salinas, Ricardo Salina Pliego, is the source of his wealth.

Early Life:

On October 19, 1955, Ricardo Salinas Pliego was born in Monterrey, Mexico. obtaining his MBA from Tulane University after receiving his degree from the Tecnologio de Monterrey.

Source of Wealth:

Grupo Elektra, the firm founded by Ricardo's great-grandfather, is now his. The business, which was established in 1905, was formerly known as Salinas & Rocha, a producer of furniture. Eventually, the business grew to incorporate consumer finance, television, radio, and retail. After his father retired in 1987, Ricardo took over as CEO. Selling furniture, electronics, and appliances on loan to lower- and middle-class clients in Mexico was Elektra's innovation. Ricardo and the firm have come under fire for their actions since they may have given loans to borrowers who couldn't afford the repayments. Numerous clients of the business work as market sellers, home cleaners, and taxi drivers for relatively little wages.

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TV Azteca:

Ricardo merged his enterprise into a brand-new holding company called Grupo Salinas in 2001. Grupo Salinas was given permission to establish a bank a year later. It was the first such license Mexico has issued in ten years. Banco Azteca was the end consequence. Today, Banco Azteca focuses on microloans, payroll software, credit cards, mortgages, and small business loans.

Salinas acquired Iusacell, the first mobile phone provider in Mexico, in 2003 with plans to merge it with Unefon, a telecoms firm.

Now, Central and South America are part of his dominion.

For $780 million, he bought Advance America, the biggest payday lender in the US, in 2012.

The Italika motorbike firm and the football team Mazatlan F.C. are both owned by Grupo Salinas.

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Personal Life:

Mara Laura Medina and Salinas Pliego are wed, and the two of them have six kids in total. Their offspring include Juan Cristbal Salinas Sada, Mara Emilia Salinas Sada, Hugo Salinas Sada, Ninfa Salinas Sada, and Ricardo Emilio Salinas Medina.

Salinas Pliego is the owner of several expensive items, notably the $100 million-plus Azteca yacht. Additionally, he owns a number of estates in Los Cabos, Cancun, and Mexico City.

Salinas Pliego is renowned for being frank on social media in his private life. He frequently criticizes the Mexican government and has been into a lot of hot water.

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