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Ted Field Net Worth 2023

Ted Field Net Worth 2023

Ted Field Net Worth 2023

What is Ted Field's net worth?

Ted Field is a $30 million net worth American film producer, media tycoon, and entrepreneur. Ted has been referred to as a "billionaire" at various points in his life, but according to a 2017 lawsuit, Ted Field's net worth at his absolute height was $100 million. And that wealth peak occurred decades ago. Ted, who owed $20.6 million in back taxes, was ranked #4 on the California Franchise Tax Board's list of the Top 500 delinquent taxpayers in 2018.

Ted Field is the co-founder of Interscope Records, which has produced some of the most popular rock and hip-hop musical groups in the previous 30 years. He co-founded Interscope Records with Jimmy Iovine. MCA Inc. paid $200 million purchasing half of Interscope in 1996. Interscope started the careers of several artists, including 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Lady Gaga.

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Producer Credits:

As a film maker Ted Field's credits include:

  • "Vengeance of the Geeks"
  • "Three Men and a Child"
  • "Mixed drink"
  • "Charge and Ted's Astounding Experience"
  • "Arachnophobia"
  • "Bird on a Wire"
  • "The Hand That Stones the Support"
  • "Jumanji"
  • "The Tie That Ties"
  • "Activity Dumbo Drop"
  • "Mr. Holland's Creation"
  • "The Partner"
  • "Kazaam"
  • "What Dreams Might Come"
  • "Runaway Lady of the hour"
  • "Educating Mrs. Shiver"
  • "The Last Samurai"
  • "The Texas Trimming tool Slaughter"
  • "The Accounts of Riddick"
  • "The Amityville Repulsiveness"
  • "The Grievousness Youngster"
  • "Awful Educator"
  • "Spring Breakers"
  • "A Mother's Boldness: The Mary Thomas Story" (for which Field won an Early evening Emmy Grant in 1990)

Early Life:

On June 1, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois, Frederick Woodruff "Ted" Field was born into the renowned Field family, heirs to the Marshall Field department store empire. His grandfather, Marshall Field III, was a well-known industrialist, philanthropist, and the founder of the "Chicago Sun" newspaper. Marshall Field IV, his father, carried on the family legacy of media ownership, owning multiple radio stations as well as the Chicago Daily News. Ted Field was exposed to the worlds of business and journalism from a young age growing up in this atmosphere.


Ted Field has worked in a variety of sectors, including movies, music, and motor racing. When he co-founded the film production company Interscope Communications in 1982, he started his career in the movie business. The business produced multiple hit films under his direction, including "Three Men and a Baby," "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," and "Jumanji."

Field entered the music industry in 1990, co-founding Interscope Records with Jimmy Iovine. The record label had a lot of success, signing musicians like Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Lady Gaga. Interscope Records became recognized for signing controversial musicians and was influential in defining popular music in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Field's love in motor racing prompted him to form the racing team Interscope Racing, which raced in a variety of races, including the Indianapolis 500. Despite the breadth of his professional endeavors, Field has continuously proven a talent for spotting and investing in viable companies in a range of industries.

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Disputed wealth:

Ted Field's net worth has been reported to be more than $1 billion at various periods. He was compelled to admit in a lawsuit that his top net worth was $100 million decades ago. He also admitted to being in debt for the most of his adult life.

Ted stated during the judgment debtor examination that he is now on a payment plan with the IRS, lives in an AirBNB owing to a family loan, and drives a 2009 Nissan that requires maintenance. Simultaneously, he was the executive producer of 2017's mega success "Jumanji," which grossed $960 million worldwide. He also served as an executive producer for the 2019 sequel to Jumanji. Despite this, he was obliged to use part of his film proceeds to pay off debts.

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LA Mansion:

Ted spent $6.3 million for an 18,000-square-foot house in Los Angeles in September 2000. He sold this mansion to NBA player Carlos Boozer for $8.6 million in September 2005. Carlos was unable to relocate into his new house before reporting to Utah for a pre-season training. Boozer decided to rent out the house. He famously rented the Prince's house.

The prince then proceeded to replace the ornate lions on the entrance gate with a big insignia of his symbol. Prince replaced white Italian carpets with purple carpets around the house.

Inside the house, Prince had removed all of the weight room equipment to make space for a nightclub, replete with dance floor and DJ booth. One of the bedrooms was converted into a hair salon, and another into a massage parlor. His insignia was plastered all over the place.

Prince painted the walls purple and put a black carpet to his main bedroom.

When Prince's lease was over, his crew reassembled the house precisely as it had been.

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