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Richard Liu Net Worth 2023

Richard Liu Net Worth 2023

Richard Liu Net Worth 2023

What is Richard Liu's Net Worth?

Richard Liu is a Chinese money manager and business visionary who has a total assets of $8 billion. Richard Liu's organization,, is perhaps of the biggest retailer in China, rousing correlations with Amazon.

Early Life

Richard Liu was brought into the world on Walk 10, 1973 in Suqian, Jiangsu, China and given the name Liu Qiangdong. His folks were occupied with transportation coal from north China toward the south. He went to elementary school in the Jiangsu area and signed up for the branch of social science in the Renmin College of China in 1992. In any case, since he dreaded his certification wouldn't bring about great job amazing open doors, he invested his free energy learning PC programming. He graduated with a single man of regulations in human science in 1996 and later got a leader expert of business organization from China Europe Worldwide Business college, Shanghai.


In the wake of graduating, Liu found a new line of work with Japan Life, a Japanese wellbeing item undertaking. While there, he filled in as the chief for PCs, the chief for business, and the planned operations manager. In June 1998, he went into business called Jingdong in a modern park in Beijing. The organization disseminated magneto-optical items. After the SARS episode in 2003, Liu had to reexamine his plan of action, as individuals had to remain at home and his physical stores were languishing. He chose to redirect to an internet business model. In 2004, he sent off his most memorable retail site and afterward established soon thereafter. He shut every one of his actual stores in 2005 and completely changed to the online business model.

By 2005, Liu had previously gotten a proposal to sell for 18 million yuan. He dismissed the deal, sure he would have the option to manage the development of the organization throughout the next few years. In 2007, he utilized a full-classification methodology for the organization, changing the organization's plan of action from offering purchaser hardware to a lot bigger assortment of products. It immediately became one of the main internet business organizations in China, attracting correlations with Amazon given its comparable plan of action. Liu himself likewise has been contrasted with Amazon organizer, Jeff Bezos, as an independent person.

Throughout the following years, kept on developing. The organization applied to open up to the world in the US in January 2014. A couple of months after the fact, on May 22, the date of's Initial public offering, the stock cost of the organization rose around 15%. The organization stays the second biggest web organization on the planet and the biggest web based business organization in China. In April 2022, declared that Liu would step down as Chief to be supplanted by Lei Xu, the organization's then president.

Personal Life

Liu dated Gong Xiaojing while went to the Renmin College of China. They separated in 2003. In 2006, Liu had a child. The name of the mother isn't freely known however some accept that Liu might have secretly been hitched to her. In August 2015, Liu wedded Zhang Zetian, a web superstar. At that point, Liu was 41 while Zetian was 22. Their relationship began when Liu learned at Columbia College and Zhang was a student from abroad at Barnard School, which was subsidiary with Columbia. Liu affirmed their relationship to general society through his online entertainment stage. Their marriage was enrolled in August and they held a wedding function on October 1, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. They invited a little girl in Walk 2016.

Liu has been at the focal point of various outrages and debates. On July 23, 2018, Liu was named to be the host of a party in Sydney that had happened three years before in 2015 at which a lady was assaulted. A visitor of the party, Xu Longwei, was viewed as at fault for seven charges, including having non-consensual sex with a lady he had met at Liu's condo. Liu himself was not accused of a wrongdoing or blamed for any bad behavior so he requested his name to be smothered, however the Australian court denied this solicitation.

In August 2018, Richard Liu was captured in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the charge of assault. The complainant was a 21-year-old Chinese understudy who went to an evening gathering with Liu. She claimed that after the party finished, Liu got back with her to her condo and assaulted her. Liu was delivered awaiting additional examination and got back to Beijing. A couple of days after the fact, made an announcement that said the organization would be making a lawful move against any bogus detailing or tales about the charge as the nearby police had purportedly tracked down no substance to the case against Liu, however the police had not yet given such an explanation. The subject was discussed vigorously via online entertainment in China, where it is considerably more trying for ladies to bring cases of sexual unfortunate behavior. In December of that year, the nearby police made an announcement saying they had not tracked down sufficient proof to charge Liu.

In April 2019, a similar College of Minnesota understudy documented a common suit against Liu, guaranteeing that he had constrained himself upon her in his vehicle after supper and later assaulted her at her loft. recorded a movement to excuse, which the adjudicator denied. Both and Liu are named litigants in the claim. Under two days before the preliminary was set to start, Liu arrived at a settlement with the understudy.

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