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19 Best Business Ideas For 2024

The best business ideas to start in 2024

19 Best Business Ideas For 2024

If you want to know which businesses are profitable, I present a list of the 19 Best Business Ideas For 2024.

1. Expert in AI and prompt engineering

The disruption that is occurring with artificial intelligence opens up a range of possibilities for AI experts, both at the level of programmers and machine learning experts and professionals who best apply prompt engineering in their sector.

2. I work as a programmer

Creating your programming agency, being a freelancer and working with several companies, or even creating a specific program and then selling it by subscription (software as a Service), are just some of the options.

3. Mobile apps development

Most people carry their cell phones with them at all times, so the creation of mobile applications is a sector with a lot of demand. You can work for companies or even develop your apps to satisfy particular needs that you detect in the market.

4. Community manager / Social Media Manager

Because they are in charge of managing online communities and creating and maintaining long-term connections with customers, the community manager has become an indispensable figure for companies. Of course, in 2024, it must be renewed and integrate AI into its content generation.

5. Digital Marketing

The increase in brands and online businesses increases the competition for digital businesses, and it is increasingly important to implement strategies to promote their products and services. It takes training, curiosity, and inventiveness to be good in this field.

6. Article writing and copywriting

Creating written content such as news for information portals, articles for blogs, and publications for social networks is a high-demand business that you can do from the comfort of your home. AI changes the rules of the game, but there is still demand.

7. Video editing

A video editor is in charge of reviewing, cutting, and assembling the audiovisual material that will be shared on the websites and social networks of companies, businesses, YouTubers, etc. In 2024, a greater volume of video creation is expected, which is the king format. And an improvement in the possibilities of AI tools to create video.

8. 3D printing

Three-dimensional printers allow objects with a variety of materials and a high degree of customization to be reproduced. You may be inclined to offer printing of prototypes, personalized objects, or even manufacturing the pieces one by one and then assembling them to obtain a final product of commercial interest.

9. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, you can monetize it through different affiliate systems, such as Amazon or eBay, which will give you commissions when someone purchases the links that you publish.

10. Streaming

Twitch is a streaming platform with live content where many gamers earn subscription income. It is ideal for people with charisma and knowledge of one or more video games. As alternatives or complements, you can also “stream” on YouTube or TikTok

11. NFT Games

They are video games where the user acquires NFTs, with which they generate cryptocurrencies that can then be exchanged in the market. They require a minimum investment and dedication to obtain profits.

Business ideas in commerce

12. Sale of healthy food

Delicious and healthy dishes are always a good business idea, especially because consumers are increasingly aware of the harmful effects of a poor diet. You can get creative by offering door-to-door delivery, personalized menus tailored to a certain diet or timetable, or even catering services.

13. Purchase and sale of items / physical or online commerce)

It's a business idea that has worked for a long time. In general terms, it consists of buying cheap or wholesale and then selling at a higher price. The important thing in this type of business is to do a market study to choose a niche and look for opportunities to buy at good prices.

14. Sale of handmade accessories

If jewelry or goldsmithing is your thing, launch your brand with exclusive designs and market them through e-commerce, in stores, or bazaars.

15. Trade in organic products

If you have a farm or garden, a great business idea is to grow chemical-free fruits, vegetables, and herbs to sell them to private consumers or supermarkets.

16. Sale of containers and packaging

The enormous offer of products with home delivery requires containers that guarantee integrity upon reaching the destination and give a good image of the brand. Marketing these containers is a different entrepreneurial idea with a wide scope.

17. Surprise gift boxes

Details always create excitement, whether between family, friends, or couples and even from companies for their employees. You can offer a catalog of options with boxes, baskets, and national or imported products, alluding to a holiday or personalized one.

18. Pet store

Many people allocate a large amount of money to cover their needs and pamper the furry ones in the house. Therefore, creating an online store with ample stock and quality service can be a solid and growing business plan.

19. Acquisition of a franchise

It may also require a considerable investment, but acquiring a franchise has the advantage that it allows you to take advantage of the experience and success of an already well-known brand. The best known are for hospitality and commerce, but there are also those for all types of services, often more affordable.

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