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20 Habits Changes That Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

20 Habits Changes That Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

Strategies that allow you to restrict calories and detoxify the body, avoiding armed and pre-established regimens. To achieve a desired and possible weight and maintain it!

End-of-year parties and gatherings are no longer excuses to have your diet on standby. On the other hand, these first days of the year, with the goals for 2024 still fresh, maybe the best time to start a weight loss plan.

As a first push, some simple tips do not require sacrifice and serve to detoxify the body and incorporate healthier eating habits. We recommend them to you!

1. Instead of “attacking” the package of cookies, drink a glass of water

It is very common to confuse thirst with hunger. So before putting some food in our mouths, especially between meals, it is better to have a glass of water. 

2. Eat a strong breakfast and a light dinner

It is advice that is always present and that we should not forget. Because it is proven that if we skip breakfast, we will eat more later. In addition, a good breakfast is essential to incorporate the carbohydrates and calories necessary to have energy for the rest of the day. On the other hand, the body does not consume the calories consumed during the night.

3. Set realistic goals

It doesn't matter if we have to lose two or three kilos or 15. The issue is that if we want to lose them in a couple of weeks, we are not going to achieve it. The calculation is that the slower the weight loss, the easier it will be to sustain it.

4. Do not discard the allowed ones

A couple of free meals a week will make it much easier for you to continue with the diet.

5. Before giving in to a craving, count to 10

Some studies show that after 10 minutes the temptation disappears. So before serving yourself another portion of dessert, buying chocolate, or opening a package of snacks, allow 10 minutes. Also, try to stay away from the kitchen, the store, or any place where those cravings occur.

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6. Eat more often

Snacks are essential to face a diet. Because they prevent the feeling of hunger and prevent the body from reinforcing its energy storage mechanisms, a survival mechanism that is activated when we want to comply with very restrictive eating plans. Snacks should be low in calories. Always have a fruit, vegetable, or a handful of nuts on hand.

7. Establish weekly plans

They will be easier to comply with and changing them can be more fun. This goes for both food and exercise. Each week set a different and more challenging goal.

8. Focus on the 10%

The expression baby steps make a lot of sense. If we focus on 10% of our goal, it will be easier to accomplish it and then move on to the next block of 10. This way we will always have the satisfaction of meeting our goals and we will not be overwhelmed by 100% of what we have to achieve, especially when There are several kilos that we want or need to lose.

9. Season foods

The first thing we think about when we go on a diet is that the food will lose flavor. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way. You can prepare low-fat, spicy, or vegetable-based sauces.

10. Eliminate a third of the plate

At home, when you eat out or at a gathering with friends, always think about serving yourself or leaving aside a third of the food. This way you will reduce a good amount of unnecessary calories and if you eat often, you will not go hungry.


11. I reduced the amount of alcohol

They have a good amount of calories and also dehydrate the cells and slow down the metabolism. Therefore, for a good detox plan, plain water is the best option.

12. Write encouraging messages to yourself

On the cupboard door, on the refrigerator door, inside your closet, or anywhere else you can think of, stick notes with encouraging phrases, such as “You are doing very well,” “I am proud of you,” “You did a good job.” a good job". It will help you maintain your commitment and dedication.

13. I reduced my soda consumption

Even diets prevent you from feeling full and do not hydrate you. Natural juices are an excellent healthy alternative. 

14. Enjoy the food

Take the time to chew and savor each bite and appreciate the different flavors. This helps the body to nourish itself with all the sensations. You eat less and hunger anxiety is eliminated.

15. Increase proteins

These types of nutrients, animal, and vegetable, protect the muscles so that when you lose weight, it is fat and not muscle mass, which provides a greater feeling of satiety.

16. I measured portions empirically

With measuring cups or spoons, it will allow us to consume the amount of food we want.

17. Replace foods creatively

For example, prepare frozen fruit as a snack or dessert, and have fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies on hand. They will help you not fall into the temptation of sweets.

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18. Schedule your outings

When you go to a meeting with friends, bring a low-calorie salad or dip. If you go to a restaurant, have a snack beforehand and order a simple dish. Also, ask other diners, family, friends, and co-workers to support you in the process.

19. Think positively

Focus your attention on the half-full of the glass and the sensations caused by overeating and abandoning your plan to lose weight. 

20. Give yourself a break

Every mistake or stop in your diet is a step that brings you closer to your goal. Feeling guilty about a mistake is never a good alternative.

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