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Top 10 Technologies that will be Trending in 2024

Top 10 Technologies that will be Trending in 2024

6G mobile networks, driverless cars, and safer communications, among other key advances for everyday life

Without eating or drinking it, a new year lurks around the corner. With it, we will witness the consolidation or emergence of fundamental technologies for society, which in one way or another will end up impacting our daily lives. Hence, the importance of anticipating these trends and understanding their scope as far as possible is something that the projection reports prepared by the main consulting firms in the sector allow us to do.

1- Collaborative AI

2023 has been a key year for artificial intelligence, driven by the acquisitions and advances of giants such as Google and Microsoft. Much has also been said about how machines could end up replacing labor in countless fields, although most experts agree that this is a somewhat extreme prediction. These prefer to speak rather of 'Augmented AI', that is, the collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence both in data processing and in decision-making.

With the implementation and research of augmented AI, it is possible to achieve a generation of images, text, or any other type of content that is much more in line with human thinking, offering greater personalization and enhancing both creativity and efficiency in a wide variety of fields that "range from the industrial to the educational," explains the Asseco firm in its decalogue of trends for next year. For its part, the consulting firm Gartner expects that 60% of companies will use AI solutions in 2024, which will increase global productivity by 40%, according to World Bank estimates.

2- 6G mobile networks

With 5G networks still expanding throughout the national territory, the telecommunications industry is already working on the emergence of 6G mobile connectivity. It will allow data transfer of up to 1 terabyte per second, with minimal energy consumption and a ridiculous latency (the time that passes between issuing an order and receiving a response). The latter will be of vital importance in sectors such as the smart home or telemedicine: a doctor will be able to control robotic surgical instruments remotely and without delay, which will save numerous lives regardless of the patient's location around the globe.

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3- Driverless vehicles

Yes, electric cars have not even finished prevailing, but the manufacturers' priority is placed on the so-called autonomous (driverless) vehicles. Everything indicates that it will be in 2024 when it will no longer be strange to see them on the roads, especially in the field of logistics. Not in vain, driverless utility vehicles will increase the productivity of the main transport companies and will reduce both fuel consumption (with the consequent environmental benefit) and traffic accidents.

4- Internet of Things

The smartphone revolution was coupled with the Internet of Things ('IoT'), that is, the connection to the network of networks of the majority of devices we have at home. From coffee makers to refrigerators, washing machines, or key chains: rare is the gadget that does not offer connected functions these days. Are there any more advances in this field? That's right, according to Statista, nearly 15 billion devices will be connected to the IoT in 2024, which will impact 12 billion dollars on the global economy over the next ten years.

5- Mixed reality

Although virtual reality headsets have been appearing and disappearing from the market for decades, everything could change in the coming years as a result of so-called mixed reality. This technology combines virtual reality and augmented reality (the superimposition of virtual elements in the world around us, such as a 200-inch screen in the living room or a digital whiteboard in the office) to spur sales and applications of this type of viewer. The launch of Apple's Vision Pro and the popularity of the Quest range from Meta (the company responsible for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram) will be decisive in this regard.

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6- Robotics

We have all seen Amazon warehouses filled with robots that carry packages from one end of the facility to the other. Or how the e-commerce giant has opened stores in which employees have been replaced by a system of cameras and sensors capable of charging us instantly (we just have to enter, take what we want, and leave the establishment). Such examples will become increasingly common: according to LinkedIn, the consulting firm ABI Research expects around 4 billion robots and automation to be installed in factories and commercial establishments worldwide between now and 2030.

7- Cryptography 

The pandemic brought with it a substantial increase in computer usage, and rare is the day that we do not know of a new security breach or data leak. For this reason, the field of cryptography will be one of those that gain the most momentum as a countermeasure against cybercriminals. It is a method to protect communications based on the use of codes so that only the recipients of the information can read and process it. We can then expect increasingly secure cryptographic algorithms.

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8- Cloud expansion

According to Gartner, 95% of companies will use cloud services by 2024. This also concerns so-called 'cloud computing': all the processes of these companies are managed on high-performance remote computing equipment, which allows them to save space and money. Ultimately, jobs related to information technologies ('IT') will increase, also due to the increasingly intensive use that users make of the cloud to store documents, photos, and videos.

9- Quantum computing

Quantum computers process information several quintillion times faster than ordinary equipment, which is why many eagerly await the arrival of the first commercial quantum systems in 2024. For Asseco, this will mean "a significant leap in data processing and in solving complex problems, with potential applications in areas such as cryptography, simulation, or AI.

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10- Microelectronics

When major mobile phone manufacturers present their latest devices, they often talk about chips reduced to a minimum (what they count in nanometers). This is due to the technology industry's attempt to develop increasingly smaller components, something that we will see increasing over the next twelve months and which will lead to more contained, powerful devices with greater autonomy.

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