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10 Future Tech Updates In 2024

Future Tech Updates In 2024

10 Future Tech Updates In 2024

The new technologies of the future are coexisting with us in our present. The technological changes that have occurred in recent years have revolutionized various sectors from the productive to the domestic. And the incorporation of the tech world is creating a scenario where we can glimpse how, for example, within 50 years many of the jobs that people do will be eradicated. Are you ready for the change?
New technologies of the future
A couple of years prior we envisioned a future brimming with multi-dimensional images, robots with their personality, hyperconnectivity, and houses constrained by voice orders. And so it has happened. Likely, it happened faster than we expected since today there is a real acceleration in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Many of these work actions, such as a customer service chatbot, have traditionally been developed by humans. Let's see some concrete examples of how humans are designing the new technologies of the future.

1.- Automated simultaneous translation

Speech and language technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds. The responsibility lies with the adoption of models based more on Machine Learning and Big Data. Thanks to these large collections of data, technologies are being developed that will allow automatic and simultaneous translation to interpret any language, such as Dash Pro.

2.- Mind-controlled devices

The Emotiv company has implemented technology to control devices with our brains, with our thoughts and intentions. This company designs interfaces that connect our head to the computer, capturing the waves we generate in our frontal and temporal lobes.
In this sense, we likewise have Nanobots and computer-generated Reality, innovation through which we can interface our minds to the Web with nanobots, which will extend a computer-generated experience from the sensory system.

3.- Telepresence, augmented reality and holograms

The type of connectivity offered by Magic Leap has to do with spatial computing, which allows us to interact in a digital and augmented reality space anywhere through a device that incorporates this sort of vision put on the head.

4.- IoT (Home automation, clothing, graphene)

Over time, the home automation that we are now beginning to see and understand will be introduced into any object, from sports shoes to buildings, or mobile phones through materials of the future, such as graphene, which allows the creation of flexible mobile phones.

5.- Quantum computing

IBM & CSIC have joined forces to create a quantum computer that works at a speed of 20 quantum bits. The areas in which this type of quick calculation may be needed are from the medical to the financial.

6.- Air or biological electricity

Not only are the new technologies of the future dedicated to productivity in processes, but they also aim for all of this to be sustainable. At Bioo, research is carried out on processes that can impact the environment through biotechnology.
7.- Exoskeletons
One of the innovations that Hyundai has worked on is the manufacture of an exoskeleton that allows humans to have greater strength to carry weights, place them precisely, and even move long distances without effort.

8.- Tourism to space

Nothing is more modern than this new innovation representing things to come: SpaceX and its self-driving vehicles are prepared for the space race.

9.- Quantum computing

Does analyzing the behavior of subatomic particles sound like science fiction to you? Well, it's closer than you think. This (incredible) technology will allow us to discover and design new materials, find more optimal ways to capture nitrogen to create fertilizers more ecologically and efficiently and manage molecules at a pharmaceutical level...

10.- Blockchain

You've probably already heard about Blockchain technology. The smartest way to manage information applicable to a thousand and one sectors: banking, medicine, automotive, marketing...
No matter how much there is resistance to change, companies, workers, and, ultimately, society, are inadvertently adopting new digital practices and skills. Human beings have the challenge of exploiting it for our benefit, to extend and make quality accessible in our way of life.

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