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12 AI Applications Beneficial for Your Daily Life

12 AI Applications Beneficial for Your Daily Life

Don't you think that artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world? Lately, there have been great advances ranging from ChatGPT to medical diagnostic systems and autonomous vehicles. But did you know that many other AI applications are transforming different industries?

12 AI Applications You Didn't Know About

As mentioned, there is a world beyond the controversial and revolutionary ChatGPT. Therefore, other AI tools have been leaders in their area and might interest you.

1. Ariana AI

This bot associates with clients on the WhatsApp stage. Comprehends and answers client demands and inquiries with language like that of a human discussion.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Provides information about products and services.
  • Schedule appointments.

2. Bing Image Creator

Within AI applications there is also this Microsoft tool. Its function is to generate unique images by combining different input representations with AI.
Its image generation process includes:
  • Selecting a base image.
  • Analyze the image and extract features.
  • Use of neural network models to generate new images from the previous step.
Use it in graphic design projects, advertising, and more!

3. Copy creator

It is part of the AI ​​or artificial intelligence applications that write texts. It is used in writing and advertising projects to create original, personalized content.
The advantages it offers are:
  • Time saving.
  • Personalization.
  • Generation of original content.
  • Reduction of errors.


Among AI applications, this one is interesting for its ability to create a podcast by automating its production process. Among its actions are:
  • Audio editing.
  • Transcription.
  • Publication.
The benefits you will find are:
  • Time savings due to automation.
  • Efficiency in the tasks of a podcast.
  • Audio quality.


It is a machine learning and data analysis platform that supports teachers in improving the teaching process. Its advantages include:
  • The personalization of learning.
  • Prediction of academic performance.
  • Evaluation of student progress.
  • Saving time and resources.

6. SciSpace, another AI application

It offers tools, resources, and services to professionals so they can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Its usefulness focuses on:
  • Analyze large amounts of data.
  • Promote collaboration between academics around the world.
  • Access to data repositories and shared resources.
  • Assist in the process of writing and reviewing scientific articles.

7. SlidesAI

SlidesAI helps you create high-quality presentations quickly and easily. 
Includes the following benefits:
  • Saving time and resources.
  • Improved visual quality.
  • Content optimization.
  • Reduction of errors.

8. Codeium

It is designed to help developers write and improve software code more efficiently.

Benefits to be found include:
  • Improving code quality.
  • Saving time and resources.
  • Increased efficiency.

9. Imagine 3D

With this application, you can create high-quality 3D prototypes in a virtual environment. The benefits of using it are:
  • Saving time and resources.
  • Greater precision and realism.
  • Easy to use.
  • Remote collaboration.
Designers and manufacturers will be able to create high-quality, realistic prototypes more efficiently and flexibly.

10. Debuild

If you search among AI applications you will find this cloud-based platform that provides support for creating web pages quickly and easily. There is a predefined template from the template library.
The benefits it offers are:
  • Have professional templates at your fingertips.
  • Easy customization.
  • Personalized suggestions without programming are required.
  • Time savings and integration with third-party services.

11. DoNotPay

Provides affordable and efficient legal assistance to users. What happens when you use it?
  • Accessibility.
  • Speed.
  • Assistance for a variety of legal problems.
  • Fast and personalized legal solutions, without the need to hire a traditional lawyer.
It only works in the United States, but it is hoped that it can create precedents in our country.

12. Replika

Finally, to close the list of AI applications, there is this virtual companion created by AI and personalized for you. If you decide to use it, you can have it 24 hours a day; have human conversations, continuous improvements, emotional support, and privacy. Replika ensures that you are never alone again.

The revolution of AI applications)

In conclusion, AI applications are a clear example of how technology can be used to improve life in different areas. As it continues to evolve, you will continue to see more exciting innovations in this field.

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