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Best AI Tools for Generating Free Images

Best AI Tools for Generating Free Images

Best AI Tools for Generating Free Images

In this post, we want to address a very relevant trend today such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), in this case for the generation of images. We want to give you the best resources to create free images with AI, which you can use in all types of work or publications.

What are AI tools for creating images?

We are talking about platforms or applications that are capable of using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate images. It is not that they have access to Internet image banks and can mix them to generate other content. Instead of. They are capable of generating new material from nothing that did not previously exist. We can use them to generate new drawings or photographs or to edit or improve images that we already have.

Importance of AI as an Online Image Generator

Working with images is expensive and requires extensive knowledge of graphic design tools. In addition, it is necessary to have photo retouching programs, which generally require the purchase of a license. Not only that, but it is also necessary to have stock material to, from there, make the compositions.

Today, with the help of AI, anyone can generate impressive images, adjusted to any theme we need and effortlessly. Therefore, they are tools to take into account for any type of professional.

Popular AI tools to create free images

Now we want to show you the best tools that allow you to use Artificial Intelligence to generate or retouch images.

1. Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design tool aimed at people who do not have much design knowledge and who need the support of materials that allow them to compose professional-looking creations. Recently, they have offered what they call Magic Studio, which is a place where you can create graphic content assisted by AI. It has a free plan that we can get started with.

2. Deep Dream Generator

This is an image generator that can be parameterized by several values. You can generate from text and optionally receive a base image to generate from. Offer a free trial.

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3. Artbreeder

This tool is a set of utilities that allow us to perform various image "remix" tasks, such as combining images, creating modifications to existing images, creating unique customizable characters, and much more. We can try these tools for free with a limitation of monthly jobs.

4. Leonardo AI

It is an application that uses AI to assist in the creation of designs and graphics completely generated from scratch or based on other images we can provide. It has many tools that offer impressive results. Furthermore, it is a community of creators. The free version allows several jobs per day, although the number depends on the size of the images generated.


If you have ever needed to remove the background from an image, this is a tool that offers stunning quality results effortlessly for you. You can use it for free with the credits assigned to you when you sign up for the service.

6. Dreamstudio

You can generate images from text and also from other images. Like other projects, they assign you a credit so you can try it.

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7. Designify

This service allows you to upload an image and from it make all kinds of transformations with various styles. We can try it and download the images with low resolution.

8. Midjourney

This service allows us to generate images from input text and can then carry out various transformations and configurations to reach the image we need at all times. It is possible to try it with free accounts, but most of the features are available only for premium users.

9. Craiyon

This tool is also based on the transformation of words into images. The process is a little slow if you don't have a paid account, but it offers you several possibilities with each text entry. We can then download the images although they place the service logo overlay if you don't have a plan. It must be admitted that the AI ​​engine is not the most realistic.

10. DALLE-2

It is the proposal of OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT) for generating images, but you cannot use it if you do not pay.

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How to use AI tools to create free images

Step 1: Registration and access to the tool

Almost all of the tools we have outlined require us to register to start using them. Depending on the service, we can find slightly different functions and usually limit the possibilities for users with free access. The most important ones offer you several credits that you can use to generate AI-based content.

Step 2: Upload content or images

Some of the tools allow you to upload images to transform them; others simply offer a text field in which to place content. It is simply about writing what we want to obtain.

Step 3: Configuration and Customization

Once the design has been generated, they often allow you to adjust various parameters so that the image adapts to what you were looking for, and generate new images with the transformations you have requested. Be careful, these manipulations usually consume credits as well.

Step 4: Image generation and download

Once you have found the image you wanted, you can download it. Some allow downloading only in low resolution. Others offer the possibility of obtaining high resolution if we spend more allocated credits.

Future of AI imaging

If you have never tried generating your images using Artificial Intelligence, you may be surprised by the results that can be achieved. A lot depends on how sophisticated the particular tool is, but the possibilities are almost always impressive.

In any case, we can consider these tools as a first stage of exploitation of Artificial Intelligence. It is expected that in the coming years, these services will evolve even further and allow for more precise and variable images to be obtained.

The applications can be infinite, even over time they may also gain in speed and generate graphic material in real-time, as we write or speak.

What is clear is that AI is here to stay and to make life much easier for content creators, while allowing a greater democratization of graphic design.

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