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Top 10 Ai Tools For Image Generators

Top 10 Ai Tools For Image Generators

AI (artificial intelligence) is already part of the lives of many Internet users. In just a matter of a year, many tools have been created and are available to accelerate all types of processes. As there are more and more AIs to create content, at ANOVO we wanted to select 10 artificial intelligence tools to create images that you may find interesting.

In today's article, we review the Top 10 AI tools For Image Generators from text. Do not miss it!

Artificial intelligence to create images: How these tools work
AI tools for creating images work by using deep learning algorithms and models. These models are trained with large amounts of visual data to learn specific patterns and features present in images.

To generate images with these tools, it is necessary to write the appropriate command or prompt to achieve the best result.

In the context of AI and language models, a prompt is a sequence of text that is provided as input to request a specific response from the model. Prompts are used to guide the model and obtain a desired response or generate coherent and relevant content concerning the given input.

Some examples of prompts used in artificial intelligence to create images are:
  • "It generates a hyper-realistic image of a mountainous landscape with a lake."
  • "Make a representation of a feline with glasses perusing a book."
  • "Produces a 3D picture of a red games vehicle on a street."
These prompts can be more elaborate, adding details of the image with concepts such as “4K”, “HD”, “drawing”, etc.

You should know that, in addition to creating images, there are AIs for their restoration, classification, or even for the detection of objects in them.

10 AI Tools For Image Generators

At ANOVO, we have compiled 10 AIs to create images from scratch through a prompt.

1. Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill

Adobe Photoshop has developed a new functionality through AI, under the name "Generative Fill." It is an advanced tool that allows you to not only create images from scratch but also remove unwanted elements from a photograph and expand images with just a few simple instructions in text format.

This tool is part of Photoshop itself and to download it you must install Photoshop (Beta), through an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

2. DALL-E 2

It was one of the first free image generation AIs. It was developed by OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, a tool for creating texts.

Using the power of the GPT-3 architecture, DALL-E is capable of generating completely original and creative images from prompt descriptions. This model is notable for its ability to understand and materialize abstract concepts, creating unique and realistic illustrations that do not previously exist in its training set.

When you type the prompt, DALL-E offers multiple options so you can choose the most appropriate one.

3. Midjourney on Discord

Midjourney's AI may be a little less user-friendly, but it is a very effective AI. Like DALL-E, it offers a trial version, and to use it you must be a user of the Discord social network since this AI is developed in a channel on this network.

After registration, the user will be able to generate up to 25 images for free. However, from that point onwards, a subscription will be required to continue using the service.

The distinctive feature of this tool lies in its unique style, which focuses on creating well-structured and defined canvases of images, with a look similar to works of art.

4. Canva

The Canva tool for image editing, and creating presentations or documents, among others, has already developed its image generation AI. The interesting thing is that, just like in Photoshop, this generator can be used to incorporate the results directly into the user's designs.

To access this function, you simply have to start a new project or select a previously created one and then, in the left column, click on the "Text to image" option.

5. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is one of the most popular tools with artificial intelligence to generate images from text. It is an open-source tool, which means that the source codes and training models of the tool are publicly available so that anyone can access, use, modify, and distribute them freely.

The fact of having open source has allowed AI developers to use this tool to bring it to other platforms.

6. Leonardo AI

This artificial intelligence system is truly amazing due to its quality when creating images. It can produce extremely realistic portraits of people or those that look similar to professional illustrations.

Although it is currently free, to access this AI it is necessary to request an invitation through its website. Once inside, the user finds a simple interface that offers some options, such as choosing the model to use or the size of the images to create. In addition, it has a community feed that allows you to observe what other users are doing to see trends and get ideas.

7. Scribble Diffusion

This tool differs from the others in that it requires a prior sketch to generate an image. Its operation is simple, a sketch of anything is drawn on a blank screen using the mouse, it can be animals, landscapes, food, or buildings..., and a brief written description is added.

In a few seconds, the web page returns the result, accompanied by the original sketch.

8. Deep Dream Generator

This AI is developed by Google, and it is a tool trained with millions of images that the search engine has. This results in very original, unique, and creative images.

With Deep Dream Generator you have the flexibility to adjust the results with various parameters, such as saturation, brightness, and contrast. This feature allows you to customize and adapt images to the user's specific needs.

9. Firefly

It is a tool developed by Adobe and NVIDIA for creating high-quality images with great precision and speed. Like other tools, it offers the option to add objects to the image, as well as edit the result.

This AI is in the beta phase or development phase.

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10. Starry AI

On this website, the user must select one of 3 different AI models to create images. Each of them produces results with different characteristics.

One of the models is photorealistic, providing images with a high degree of realism. Another model is more general and varied, generating a wide range of creative images and, the last, allows adding longer and more specific prompts.

To generate images, the website offers a credit service.

We hope that this article has helped you to better understand how the main artificial intelligence tools work to create images.

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