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Top 24 Technology And Business Trends In 2024

Technology and Business Trends In 2024

Top 24 Technology And Business Trends For 2024

For yet another year, we have analyzed all the news and opinions of the main experts in the world of technology and business to anticipate the future and understand what the keys will be throughout 2024. A year that will once again be surprising almost daily and, although we have compiled up to 24 emerging trends, it surely offers us more than one unexpected headline, even for the most visionary.

Intelligence of Things: The year when everything will become intelligent

If by 2023 the technology that has filled hours and hours of conversations and kilometers of words in all media was already artificial intelligence, especially the one quickly adopted by millions of people in all uses and sectors known as generative, in the coming months and years, algorithms will once again be protagonists in a new generation of machine learning that will permeate everything, or almost everything, until giving rise to what is called the intelligence of things.

This integration of artificial intelligence into the rest of the technologies, tools, and processes will give rise to digital transformation in every aspect of society. The public and private sectors, whatever the industry and activity, will be susceptible to an exponential change in their results. We will see below how this general trend develops, in one way or another, in the rest of the technologies, tools, and business models that will be born in the coming months.

24 Trends for your business in 2024

1. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PLUS: This is how IBM defines it in its trends report for 2024 (see sources at the end of the post) of the A.I. revolution. Plus, that is, “design for AI first, not as an afterthought.” It would no longer be about seeing how a business process is enhanced or improved, but rather that it is optimized from the very beginning, putting AI in the core business.

2. AUTONOMOUS WORKFORCE: For IBM, this new paradigm will mean that people who use AI will replace those who do not use it. Therefore, it is not a problem of the loss of human work functions but rather of not adapting to the new tool. Of course, humans will be increasingly assisted by robots that, in one way or another, will carry out teamwork until they become true companions with whom they will have to live and establish relationships of all kinds.

3. AUTOMATED CUSTOMERS: With the massive use of artificial intelligence systems, many of our companies' clients will also be machines. We will have to develop algorithms that serve other algorithms and establish authentic commercial relationships with them or after-sales services.

4. ECOSYSTEMS AND PLATFORMS: A highly automated industrial and commercial environment will give rise to the model of technological platforms, in which it will be essential to maintain the activity in an ecosystem format. Hyperspecialization and machine-to-machine relationships in industries such as fintech or eHealth can be developed by combining tools.

5. IoT and ECONOMY OF THINGS: Advances in artificial intelligence will exponentially multiply the possibilities of the millions of devices connected to the Internet of Things. The ecosystems, automated customers, and suppliers of the previous points will give rise to economic models that are produced in the background.

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6. AUTONOMOUS DEVICES: Among those millions of devices that work autonomously, it will still take us a while to see the long-awaited driverless cars, which are still trying to solve the legal and administrative problems that the authorities require for their full safety. But other types of devices, such as drones, mechanical bulls, and more industrial or domestic tools, will become more common.

7. CLOUD COMPUTING: Connectivity and the era of smart devices require a series of processes in the cloud, especially those produced in the extreme layer of the network with Edge computing, and that is possible thanks to the capabilities of the already practically ubiquitous 5G.

8. 6G and SPACE NETWORKS: If the deployment of the fifth generation network has been taking place with less noise than expected, its notoriety may be muted by the rest of the news and extraordinary circumstances experienced in the last two years, but the truth is that work is already underway on the sixth generation and, at the same time, satellite communications are connecting the world to every corner of the planet.

9. CYBERSECURITY: As you can imagine, in a hyperconnected ecosystem, with millions of processes of all kinds entrusted to autonomous devices, computer and network security will be the biggest challenge that all IT managers will have to face. A security that will be marked once again by the possibilities of artificial intelligence, both in its risk options and in its solutions.

10. BLOCKCHAIN: In this world of technology where advances happen at a dizzying pace and one star replaces another in the blink of an eye, the one that was omnipresent just three years ago and that we seem to have forgotten about, will come back strong. precisely because of its usefulness in everything related to security in automated processes.

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11. DATIFICATION: Algorithms work with data, and in an ecosystem controlled by artificial intelligence, everything depends on data. This ability to manage and analyze millions of records in real-time is what allows decision-making, both by humans and machines, which will be another of the big trends this year: Data-driven and the conversion of everything. imaginable in data.

12. PHYGITAL: Another of the words born from the digital era that we will see repeated in the coming months is the hybridization of physical environments with digital ones. It is usually applied to leisure experiences or to the digitalization of retail that combines the traditional store with eCommerce, but it will be applied to other verticals and activities of all kinds, from AAPPs to industrial plants.

13. AUGMENTED AND MIXED REALITY: These “phygital” environments will have a star application when they are based on Augmented or Virtual Reality techniques that exploit the best of both worlds. Beyond the anecdote of entertainment or video game metaverses, AR images, combined with Generative Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of 5G zero latency and Edge Computing will give rise to tools of unprecedented precision, despite the redundancy.

14. GAMING: Yes, we will also see how the video game sector develops even further with all these converging technologies and the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Its significant volume of business and weight in economies like ours will continue to be a trend and will extend its influence to other models and industries beyond leisure and entertainment.

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15. QUANTUM COMPUTING: Although advances in the consumer computing and office computing industry have slowed down the pace of their race among manufacturers and even smartphones seem to have stopped surprising us in terms of performance with each new release, the silent revolution in hardware issues is fought in the field of quantum. Supercomputers with unimaginable calculation capacity that, again thanks to Artificial Intelligence, will be capable of solving true miracles for science.

16. SEMICONDUCTORS: Among so many technologies that are based on software, the components of the millions of smart devices we are talking about will be essential. In the coming months, we will see two pieces of news about chips and transistors: how many industries are trying to reduce their dependence on current suppliers and the arrival of components specifically developed to be more efficient with AI.

17. BATTERIES: In a world of electrical devices that is also moving towards decarbonization, we will also see constant developments in the field of materials to accumulate that energy. Researchers around the world are working against the clock on better batteries, more efficient in charging, lighter, and more sustainable materials.

18. HYDROGEN: Although all eyes are directed towards electricity, many experts already anticipate that it will only be a transition phase towards cleaner energies, and are betting on Hydrogen.

19. SOCIAL ENGINEERING, ETHICS, AND HUMANISM: Among the trends that will undoubtedly mark the coming year will be concern about the social impact of all these transcendental advances. The potential of current and future Artificial Intelligence poses many challenges, fears, and hopes that cannot make us forget the ethical requirement of putting people at the center and not at their service.

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20. GENETIC ENGINEERING AND BIOTECH: No less important will be the transcendental aspect of advances in genomics or biotechnology that promise to end pathologies of all kinds, until now impossible to treat, thanks to the ability to analyze data, modern algorithms, and computing. quantum. Predicting diseases decades before they occur, manufacturing pharmacological compounds in hours, or correcting genetics are now within reach.

21. PERSONALIZATION: In this general trend towards hybrid, “phygital” environments, automated thanks to Data-Driven and with decision-making assisted by algorithms, technologies will allow us to live in a hyper-customized space, practically tailored to each individual. If now our data helps us see the offers and informative content that we will like, in a few years our entire daily lives will be adapted to our tastes or needs.

22. RESILIENCE: Combined with the word disruption, it came into our lives in the last pandemic and subsequently became the leitmotiv of all business activity. Today, the reality in which we work and live continues to be maximum uncertainty and exposure to successive crises. That is why the capacity for resistance and reinvention in the face of change will continue to be a trend for the coming months, or years.

23. OPEN INNOVATION: How not to choose it as a trend for next year despite being an essential requirement to survive in the business world. But, with the arrival of artificial intelligence in every corner, which promises to change all processes in one way or another and give way to new competition scenarios, reinventing yourself and learning to do things differently will be everyday life.

24. SUSTAINABILITY: We cannot finish this list of the 24 technological and business trends for 2024 without including the one that will mark all of them, in addition to artificial intelligence: the fight against the climate emergency described by scientists and for which, achieving maximum efficiency in all production processes will be decisive.

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