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Explore the Top Best 22 AI Tools Changing Lives in 2024

Top 22 Best AI Tools
Explore the Top 22 AI Tools Changing Lives in 2024

Many science fiction movies about AI have portrayed how AI would change the world. Although it is far from the super-capacity that movie scenes showed, AI now touches every aspect of daily life and business fields. It has a profound impact on how people gather and acquire information, perform tasks, solve problems, and make decisions.

Notably, the explosion of generative AI in 2023 has led to the emergence of numerous AI tools. These tools unexpectedly improve efficiency and productivity. Whether you need to take care of daily tasks or are in a business routine, applying AI tools at every stage will streamline processes with consistently good results.

Are you ready to enter the world of AI? Choosing a good AI tool will be a good start! Here is a curated list of the best AI tools in 2024, including all the popular options for all the common demands. Come and embrace AI.

What are AI tools?

AI simulates human intelligence through computer systems or other machines, to learn, reason, correct itself, solve problems, present knowledge, create content, etc. AI tools refer to software or online services that adopt AI technology to achieve certain goals. Based on current types of AI technology, AI tools have different capabilities and functionalities.

Good examples of using AI tools

Here are 7 popular types of AI tools that use the most popular generative artificial intelligence.

  1. Video creation and editing

  2. Text-to-speech conversion

  3. Music Generation

  4. Art generation

  5. Image edition

  6. Creation of written content

  7. AI assistant for work

Main benefits of AI tools

High efficiency: AI tools can carry out automated processes and free you from repetitive and tedious work while producing high-performing content.

Lower cost: There is a decrease in manual labor and other costs with AI tools. Less investment, higher income!

Time Savings: People can save, on average, around 40% of their time by using AI tools in most cases.

Maintain consistency: All AI tools use advanced algorithms and machine learning to learn, reason, and correct themselves from previous data. They can maintain the consistency of tone and style with good quality all the time.

Stimulate creativity: AI tools can lead to new ideas and shorten the path to the latest innovations, which is reflected in your creation.

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Popular AI tools for different purposes

Which AI tools should you choose? There are AI tools in all sectors and industries. Let's dive into the most popular groups and find those useful for your cases.

  • AI Tools for Video

  • AI Tools for Audio and Music

  • AI Tools for Image and Art

  • AI Tools for Photo Editing

  • AI Tools for Writing and Text

  • Other Popular AI Assistant Tools

Best AI tools for video

Video has turned into an essential piece of the computerized age and endless new recordings are circulated on the Web. Simulated intelligence apparatuses for video give makers more prospects to create video content quicker and better. The following are 5 video simulated intelligence instruments you can attempt.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is known for its ability to create high-quality videos from scripts, with realistic avatars and voiceovers. It has an in-app integration with ChatGPT, whereby users can enter prompts to generate scripts directly in the Synthesia app. As the leading AI video generator on the market, Synthesia includes all the AI ​​features you expect from an AI video generator. Noted for its robust functionality and rich features, the AI ​​tool remains exceptionally easy to use.

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Main features:

  • 150+ unique AI avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, clothes, etc.

  • Add micro gestures to avatars

  • Text-to-speech tool, with 120+ languages ​​and accents

  • 75+ professionally designed templates

2. Picture

Pictory has proven to be a smart tool for turning long text content into engaging videos for social sharing. Supports various types of text content, including written scripts and URLs. In addition to AI options for converting text to video, Pictory is a video editor that allows you to add a YouTube URL or upload a local video for editing. It is a handy AI tool to quickly create professional-looking presentation videos.

Main features:

  • Convert scripts, URLs, and more to videos

  • Handy workspace for adjusting and editing text for video

  • Extensive library of multimedia elements that can be used in videos

  • Support for more than 100 voiceover styles

  • 40+ new video templates in different styles


If you just had an inspiration and want to turn it into visual video content, try InVideo. InVideo harnesses the power of AI to make video creation easy at the next level. You only need to send a text prompt about your ideas or provide detailed instructions and select the type of video you plan to generate. Let InVideo take care of the rest. Depending on the length of the video, you will get the video in a varied amount of time.

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Main features:

  • Create videos only from text prompts

  • Generate narration scripts based on the prompt you write

  • Support for voiceovers with selectable genders, accents, and languages

  • Use text prompts to describe and add background music

  • Simple steps

4. Heygen

When video generators with avatars have become a common AI practice for creating videos, Heygen presents itself as a promising option in the range. This AI video generator allows users to quickly create videos from text by adding avatars and voiceovers to make their videos more engaging. Additionally, Heygen integrates with various types of tools and platforms, improving your productivity and facilitating seamless workflows.

Main features:

  • More than 100 avatars are ready, in various styles

  • 300+ voice styles in 40 languages

  • 300+ video templates for daily tasks, business, news, training, etc.

  • Good support for application and tool integration

Best AI tools for audio and music

You can harness the power of AI to create audio tracks, voiceovers, and music for your projects. Scroll down and choose the audio AI tool you prefer.

5. Murf AI

Murf AI is a complete AI speech generator based on text-to-speech technology. It has a wide catalog of voices for users to create audio projects. On this platform, you can always find the perfect voice for your cases. Simply write your scripts or upload a script file and choose the voice you like, Murf AI will seamlessly convert it into a speech in minutes. This AI tool provides a voice changer tool that can change your recording to any voice you have.

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Main features:

  • 120+ text-to-speech voices in over 20 languages

  • Voice styles for various cases and in various tones

  • A voice changer and AI translators are supported

6. PlayHT

Are you looking for online AI text-to-speech tools for audio that can offer more diverse voice styles? There is no better option than PlayHT. Beyond extensive support for more languages ​​and accents, PlayHT features multi-language voice cloning and multi-speech synthesis features, helping users translate their native speech into other languages ​​while maintaining the speaker's native voices and accents.

Main features:

  • 800 voice styles in 140 languages

  • Convert scripts and article URLs to audio

  • Custom Audio Tuning Options

  • Integration to expand functionality and smooth use on more platforms

7. Speechify

Speechify stands out for its great ability to convert long text into speech and read it aloud. It has helped millions of people read with greater pleasure and more efficiently. Their product line also covers other popular AI audio tools such as AI voiceovers, voice cloning, AI dubbing, and transcription. At Speechify, you can even find high-quality audiobooks.

Main features:

  • Convert any short or long text into voice with trending voices

  • Over 100 voices with multilingual support

  • Good availability on major platforms as an online service or app

8. Loudly

Benefiting from the development of artificial intelligence, people can now create professional-sounding music with less effort and cost. Loudly is a great option for this. This AI music generator allows users to generate and customize music in seconds. Various featured genres can be found on this platform to create stylish music for your projects. Plus, Loudly has a nice collection of royalty-free music waiting for your exploration.

Main features:

  • Generate and modify AI music for your projects

  • Various music genres supported

  • Various musical customization options for instruments, tempo, duration, pitch, etc.

  • Thousands of royalty-free music to download and use

9. Voicemod

Audio AI tools can also help you change your voice in real-time, which can be the perfect solution if you want to protect your privacy or add a fun touch to your voice when gaming or chatting online. Voicemod is a popular free real-time voice changer and soundboard. It helps you simulate anyone's voice and apply custom sound effects. You can use it in most chat apps, video streaming apps, meeting tools, and games.

Main features:

  • Over 100 customizable voices are available

  • Soundboard with more than 15 different types of sounds to play and share in games or chats

  • Good compatibility with almost all games and communication applications

  • Plugin support in Stream Deck, Loupedeck, AverMedia, etc.

AI tools for art

The most mature use of generative AI is generating art with AI. This list of AI tools also covers the most popular AI art generators these days and their highlights.

10. DALL E 2

Developed by OpenAI, DALLE 2 is a next-generation imaging system. Since its entry, OpenAI has garnered widespread attention for its clever way of producing incredibly detailed and vibrant images. It only requires a short prompt and can quickly show you different images consistent with your description. You can upload an image to create its variant or a custom version.

Main features:

  • Convert text prompts into artistic images

  • Edit and retouch your images

  • Create multiple iterations from a single image

  • Seamless integration into all types of creative environments

11. Midjourney

Midjourney is another good example of a text-to-image tool and can create stunning images in no less than DALL·E 2. The setup steps of Midjourney are different from other typical tools in this field. Instead of launching it on a web page or installing an app, you should launch it as a bot in Discord. Fortunately, after a few fun steps, you'll be able to generate stunning images from text and explore amazing works of art created by other Midjourney enthusiasts.

Main features:

  • Create variants of an image at the same time

  • Increase image size for more details and less pixelation and errors

  • Extend the image with AI in one direction

12. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source machine learning model focused on text-to-image content creation. It's hard to ignore this diffusion model when recommending the best AI tools for art. This option is perfectly suited for designers and artists who want to be inspired and efficiently delve into stunning digital images. Stable Diffusion runs on DreamStudio, the cloud service developed by Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion. You can also run it locally via Python and Github.

Main features:

  • Convert dashes to image dimensions

  • Image-to-image generation

  • Open and editable source for any developer to create tools from your code base and modify and extend functionality

13. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a new generative AI product from Adobe. Firefly emphasizes image generation and allows users to convert text prompts into images instantly. The intuitive interface covers different text-based image generation and editing options. You can explore examples of well-crafted images with text prompts. You can further iterate on the sample images to make unique creations or start from scratch. Adobe Firefly is a promised land for beginner users who want to create something different.

Main features:

  • Create images with a detailed text description

  • Remove objects from a photo or replace them with others

  • Turn text into works of art with amazing effects

  • Change the color of a photo in seconds

AI tools to generate faces

Have you ever thought about using AI to generate or process human faces? Now you can do it easily. Powered by AI, some tools allow you to create free AI faces for commercial purposes, while others can do face swapping to add laughter to your everyday life. You can even create a digital AI version of yourself or create a random face. Here are the featured options in this area.

14. Generated Photo

Human faces are an important component of the multimedia content we consume online every day. When downloading and using a good photo online for projects, people often get involved in copyright issues. However, the emergence of AI face generators can address the problem, helping to develop synthesized images that look like real people and you can't tell the difference. Generated Photo is considered a good AI face-generation tool and relies on model-release photos to create unique and detailed face photos, without personality rights or royalties.

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Main features:

  • Generate real human faces from scratch

  • More than 11,232,000 variants of face

  • Adjustable gender, head posture, age, emotion, ethnic features, etc.

  • Safe and legal to use

15. Fotor Old Filter Online

Have you ever been curious about what you will look like when you get older? The Fotor Old Filter Online tool can add a realistic aged face effect to your photo. The advanced settings allow you to apply the age filter for different ages by simply dragging the similarity bar. Fotor Old Filter Online is a fairly simple AI tool to generate photos of aged faces. Beyond the age filter, Fotor includes many other great AI tools for images in general.

Main features:

  • Change your age on a photo with one click

  • Different aging face effects

  • Easy to use

16. VanceAI Portrait Retoucher

People go to great lengths to feel perfect on social media by posting photos that can gain approval and interest. Retouching portraits is an efficient way to remove blemishes and offer better visual effects. Photo retouching usually requires specialized skills and even a steep learning curve. However, AI photo retouching tools are changing the game by simplifying the process to a one-click action. VanceAI Portrait Retouching & Face Enhancing is especially recommended in this lineup.

Main features:

  • Softens skin with a touch

  • Automatically enhance photos

  • Crop/crop/resize photos and remove unwanted objects

AI tools for writing and text

The best AI tools are also good assistants in creating written content. There has been a lot of attention around AI writing since OpenAI launched its successful chatbot, ChatGPT. Millions of users from all fields have used ChatGPT for copywriting and content idea generation. After that, dedicated AI writers come in to broaden the scope of the selection. Check out the top 3 picks.

17. Jasper AI

Jasper is viewed as a decent option, in contrast to ChatGPT. With its high productivity and speed, this computer-based intelligence apparatus assists clients with creating reliably brand-adjusted content that can create greater commitment and lift promotion efforts. This man-made intelligence device, fueled by the GPT-3 model, is a specialist in search engine-oriented web journals. It likewise prepares you to make virtual entertainment posts, email crusades, item portrayals, and so forth. You simply have to furnish short guidance lined up with what you need to accomplish, and Jasper will rapidly produce content given your requests.

Main features:

  • 50+ ready-made templates for different types of content

  • Maintain a consistent tone and style of content with the Brand Voice feature

  • Built-in plagiarism detection

  • Grammarly Compatible

  • Document editing function

18. Rytr

Rytr is a famous decision among the best free simulated intelligence instruments for composing. Not at all like most artificial intelligence authors who offer many highlights for organizations, Rytr is designed for general substance makers. In Rytr, you can compose top notch content 10x quicker than a manual work process. It offers a few choices for composing collaborators and instruments for normal use cases, the majority of which are accessible free of charge. For frugal clients, Rytr is without a doubt the most ideal decision.

Main features:

  • Content creation for 40+ user stories

  • Supports more than 30 languages

  • Select from more than 20 shades

  • Built-in plagiarism checker

19. Copy AI

Copy AI is another AI writer based on GPT-3. It offers a nice boost in high-performing, SEO-optimized content. If you're a marketer, freelancer, or social media content creator, you can use Copy AI to streamline your workflows with pleasing results at scale. Start your creative writing with a text prompt in Copy AI's easy interface!

Main features:

  • Supports more than 25 languages

  • 90+ Writing Content Templates

  • Grammar and plagiarism checkers

Other popular AI tools

Due to the explosion of AI technology, this world is adopting greater efficiency because of it. After the top AI tools of 2024 mentioned above, this article continues to show you more popular tools for various purposes.

20. ClickUp - AI tool for collaboration and management

ClickUp is planned basically as a group joint effort and ventures the executive's stage. It accompanies cooperation and specialized instruments, task and status, alarms, and errand toolbars. This stage has essentially improved the workplace by presenting the ClickUp simulated intelligence toolbar.

Main features:

  • More than 15 views available to view task lists

  • Organize and prioritize multiple tasks in one place

  • Time estimates and tracking

  • Link your tasks throughout the workplace

21. – AI Tool for Graphic Design uses AI technology to provide everyone with the easiest solution to create professional designs in seconds. On this website, you can generate and customize any element for your website and pages, from text to logos, videos, images, social media banners, etc. It promises to simplify the creation workflow and help you scale your design in seconds.

Main features:

  • Versatile Types of Content Creation

  • Extensive resource library

  • Suitable for all designers in all industries

  • A complete suite of AI tools

22. Consensus - AI tool for research

Online research is a fundamental stage for specialists. Nonetheless, it very well may be testing and tedious to make an effective one. Generally speaking, you could feel overpowered and diverted by monstrous internet-based materials before viewing them as dependable, related, and valuable data to help your examination. Luckily, you can now utilize the web-based web search tool Agreement to make the whole cycle simpler and quicker.

Main features:

  • Provides valuable data-driven insights

  • Rapid analysis of big data

  • High precision and reliability

  • Condensed information powered by GPT-4

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